Book cover for What You Are by Lindsay Lerman

Publisher: CLASH Books
Language: English
Length: 188 pages

What Are You 

Can a book be a dark night of study?

Radically imaginative and intense, What Are You performs its own destruction and recreation in 50 acts. Hypnotic, dreamlike fragments tell the story of a woman trapped in a destructive love affair with the universe. Addressed to an amorphous you, Lerman wrestles with the forces of birth and death, creation and destruction, going deep into the subterranean strata of consciousness and back.


“You will be changed.”
– Buzzfeed Books

“Lindsay Lerman is brilliant. This book manages to be fiercely direct and enigmatic at the same time. It hit me the way Duras, Zambreno, and Lispector do.”
– Nate Lippens, author of My Dead Book

“This book had me hypnotized. It’s raw and rigorous and sexy and relentless and completely on fire. What Are You wrestles critical theory to the ground and emerges with a triumphant, radical, thrilling, clarifying, new form of writing about sex, feminism, and the self.”
– Kate Reed Petty, author of True Story

What Are You is relentlessly and elegantly erudite, yet deeply felt and compulsively readable. There is nothing in literature, philosophy, or her own life that seems beyond Lerman’s capable grasp. She has a particular genius for weaving together disparate elements that would leave a lesser writer dumbfounded.”
– Nicola Maye Goldberg, author of Nothing Can Hurt You

“Passionate, dispassionate, hypnotic, deadpan, ecstatic, Lindsay Lerman’s What Are You, read it now. Now.”
– Kathe Koje, author of The Cipher

LA Review of Books Analysis “Lerman’s novel radically questions whether or not the limitations we impose upon both consciousness and the world are superficial impositions, as are the representations of those things in literary works.”

Interview with Sarah Gerard in The Creative Independent “Did you suddenly realize, Oh my god, this all exists right on the knife edge of creation and destruction?”

Heavy Feather ReviewWhat Are You is a dangerous read for the ages. May we all take the risk.”

Interview with Wake Island “This book is an argument for why text and reading are so important. […] You have to be the body in this book.”